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At Texas Gutter Guys we take pride in our work, customer service, and products. Our products are made 100% in the USA and gutters come with a 5-year warranty. Gutter protection comes with a 40-year warranty. 

We provide many services to protect your home keeping it looking new and beautiful. Ask about our Military and First Responder discounts!

We are now servicing Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, Liberty Hill, Marble Falls, Burnet, Bertram, Llano, and surrounding areas.

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Texas Gutter Guys has a mission to protect as many customers as possible from the all-at-once rain fall we experience in Texas. Our promise to our clients is to protect your house with a high-quality product at a fair and reasonable price.


My passion for the gutter world came in 2019, when I decided to leave the tech manufacturing industry and get into property preservation. I found a home with one of the largest gutter and gutter protection companies in the world. I worked my way up the ladder until I achieved the highest position they had for a salesman. This is when I then decided to leave and open my own gutter company while keeping the same values and customer service as the multibillion-dollar company I departed.  When I leave your home, I want to be the last person to ever touch your gutters.  


A little bit about me: My name is Kyle Greer I have a beautiful wife and 2 amazing children. My family keeps me going day in and day out. I am a native Texan and proud of it.


We have rescued 2 pit bulls and they are part of the family now, my wife spoils them rotten. My family and I enjoy rock crawling and we are a true Jeep family. I'm from the coast so you know we love the beach! I might have been born in Corpus Christi, but, I grew up in Spicewood (Lake Travis area) Go Cavs!  


My Vision is to grow Texas Gutter Guys to be a household name in the Central Texas region and after that ,the sky is the limit. The best marketing is word of mouth and when I finish your project, I hope you will refer me to your friends and family.


What Happens To My House If I Don't Have Gutters?

If you don't have gutters on your home, you may come across foundation issues because the water will erode the ground around your house causing your home to become  un-level.


Another possible issue with not having gutters on your home is the chance of mold due to water adhering to the facia, siding and wicking into your home causing moisture and mold. Not having gutters or having seamed gutters can cause roof rot, facia rot, soffit rot, siding rot and landscape issues.

Gutters protect your foundation, your air conditioning unit, prevents mold from getting on your home, protects your windows from fogging and may protect your home from flooding. 

Reasons You Need Gutters Sooner Than Later:

Protects Against Decay - Your home is typically lined with materials that are not waterproof therefore, if water penetrates the exterior product, it will cause your house to decay from the inside out. 

Protects From Insects- Gutters help prevent low spot in your yard that will bread mosquitos. Standing water also attracts numerous other insects and critters that aren’t always welcome. 

Mold Prevention- Gutters prevent mold in multiple ways, the most common issue is water hits the ground and splashes up onto your siding with organic material and clings to your siding causing mold. The other way is when water comes off your roofline, it will cling to your shingles then fascia and wick through casing moisture inside your home. Moisture plus heat equals mold. 

Protects Your Foundation- Water is one of the most destructive things in nature, it created the Grand Canyon, so it has no problem washing away the topsoil around your house causing your home to shift. 

Creates Curb Appeal- Gutters are crown molding for the outside of your home as they can be beautiful and affective. Get rid of that nasty dirty unfinished look when you have beautifully installed gutters on your home.  

Protects Your Landscaping- If you have landscaping, you need gutters. In Texas, the water coming off your home comes off with a vengeance, resulting in all that hard work and hard-earned money to literally wash down the drain. Tired of the mud in your side yard? Gutters will keep that from happening.  

Protect Your A/C- When water comes off of your roof it hits you’re a/c unit, a/c units are water resistant not water proof, when it’s raining in Texas and the a/c unit kicks on that blade starts spinning now imaging what happens to that blade when its not balanced, you got it that guy starts wobbling causing the bearing to wear out faster (that’s a costly repair) that could have been avoided. 


Finished Projects





For inquiries, questions or commendations, please call/text: 512-316-9077 or click the button below and one of our team members will get back to you within one business day.

Are You A Subcontractor?

We are always looking for more amazing subcontractors in the wonderful world of gutters. Please call/text 512-316-9077 with your information or email We look forward to your partnership.

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